People often ask me about my hair and which products I use.  I've had long hair since I was little (save for one unfortunate hair modeling incident in the 9th grade) and it's kind of a security blanket for me. I used to be a bit more high-maintenance about it, getting it highlighted every few months and curling it all the time, but these days my routine is pretty simple: I only wash it once or twice a week, trim it about every 6-8 months, and get organic balayage twice a year.  I tend to leave it down or throw it in a loose braid if I want it out of my face, and for special occasions (or sometimes just out of sheer boredom of having stick-straight hair), I'll curl it with a wand or get fancy with a bun or fishtail.  My hair is fine but there is a ton of it so it tangles like crazy and takes an incredibly long time to blow dry (part of the reason why I wash it as little as I can get away with).  I find that second day hair is best and that by the third or fourth day it gets greasy at the roots, so I'll use dry shampoo to extend it another day until I'm ready to wash.  I try to do a hair mask about once a month to give the ends a deep conditioning, and have recently started applying a little conditioner to the ends when I shampoo so that they don't dry out, which has resulted in far fewer split ends.  I shared a few of the hair products I use back on this post but today I'm divulging my entire arsenal.  Obviously everyone's hair is totally different so it's important to find the products that work best for you, but I've found these brands to be superlative and without harmful chemicals.  Shop them below and let your hair down!

PHOTO: Model's Jam