Mondays... You don't want to wake up in the morning, you're feeling lackluster and unmotivated, and not to mention it's gorgeous outside and you're stuck at your desk staring out the window daydreaming about next weekend.  What's one to do?  Try one of these mood elevators that will help you through the toughest day of the week!

1. Put on something bright - chromotherapy is for real.

2. Take a break and read the newspaper - you know, the actual paper version.

PHOTO:   Artsy

PHOTO: Artsy

3. Put on a fresh pot of tea and breathe in the steam - the caffeine will give you the boost you need to last until it's time to clock out.

4. Take a walk - not for exercise necessarily, but for a digital detox (leave your phone at home if you possibly can handle the separation anxiety!) and to recharge your batteries.  

PHOTO:   Popsugar

PHOTO: Popsugar

5. Buy yourself flowers just because you deserve to look at something pretty

6. Call a friend - nothing like reminiscing and laughing with an old pal to boost your spirits.

7. Cook a new dish - trying new recipes can be fun and therapeutic.

8. Meditate.  Never done it before?  Here's a beginner's guide.